This is the Best Dental 3D Printer for Dentist

dental 3D printer

This is the Best Dental 3D Printer for Dentist

Dental 3D printer or 3D printing is a fast-growing technology in various areas of business, most particularly in the field of a dental laboratory. A Dental 3D printer features laser or light, which blends or fuses a powder and polymerize a fluid with the technologically-guided precision needed to generate small objects with complicated details.

Dental 3D printers can generate models, parts as well as full restorations regardless of materials. Adding 3D printer to your laboratory or practice can enhance effectiveness, and there are many types of dental printers intended for the particular level of production, laboratory sizes, and specific tasks. When choosing the most reliable 3D printing, check the program the printer is well-suited, the materials are capable of printing, and the support and training presented by the company.

The Benefits of Employing 3D Printer in Your Laboratory

Not like the traditional plastic model, 3D Printer is more durable, precise and stable alternative. The edges and lines on 3D printers are sharp, so there is no need for a lab technician to wear them down. 3D Printed model, on the other hand, has a complex formation with the superior level of detail. These days, 3D printed implant model is the most after the product as it comes with high-quality detachable dies and an exceptionally flexible and detachable gingival mask. This made of material comparable to a human gum, which is soft thus allow lab technicians to do the job almost as if it was prepared straight in the mouth of the patient.

The most important benefit provided by 3D dental printing is that it saves you lots of time. After intra-oral scanning, the digital copy of the result is sent straight to a dental laboratory. The digital copy is received in just a matter of minutes as sending effected electronically. The lab tech can start working right away. 3D dental printing also provides organized and clean working areas for the tech without the need of dealing with plaster or inhaling grinding dust.

Top 3 Best Dental 3D Printer for Dentist

Roland DWX-51D Dental Milling Machine

Roland DWX-51DThe DWX-51D 3D dental printer from Roland is intended for flawless production of dental prosthetic. Using this machine doesn’t need expertise or experience as it built for error-free and accurate filing. Due to its auto-milling features and touch button controls, the making of premium crowns, bridges, onlays, inlays, and abutment has been made almost foolproof. Roland DWX-51D is made to be able to produce crowns, copings, abutments, complete bridges and other types of prosthetics from wax, zirconia, composite resin, PMMA, gypsum, and gypsum with matchless accuracy and speed.

Produced and made-up by Roland DG’s group of expert in Hamamatsu, Japan, this product has united its present range of proven dental technologies. The company has installed thousands of dental milling centers ever since entering the field of dental industry and gained an excellent reputation for trustworthiness and high-quality service. The after sales support, customer service, and care are second to none.

This printer helps speed up the workflow in your clinic and increases revenue streams. 51D work with recent materials and it connects seamlessly with digital CAD software and 3D scanners.

Roland 51D dental printer equipped with essential features including New C-clamp for fast adjustment and proper alignment, ten-station ATC or Automatic Tool Changer for nonstop milling. It is also equipped with Diagnostic notification technology that alerts the technician of the status of the machine. The

5-axis dental milling mechanism can 5-axis synchronized machine to attain complex. Accepted for 3M ESPE LavaT Ultimate Restorative and comes with very powerful vacuum and anti-static ionizer intended for super clean calibration as well as dust reduction. It has advanced air blower technology to help hard to machine material.

Benefits of Roland 51D

There are many good reasons why dentists should consider this 3D dental printer in their clinic such as its compact design is ideal for small hospital or labs. It has simplified virtual panel allows for past operation, advanced clamping system firmly holds a broad range of materials, capability to connect 4 DWX-51D tools to one computer, well-matched with industry standard program.

Whip Mix Asiga Max 3D Printer

ASIGA 3D Printer For SaleIf you want the most advanced 3D dental printer, Asiga Max 3D printer from Whip Mix is the best choice. This provides exceptional output in a little footprint. Incorporated with 62μm High Definition print precision, this dental printer is optimized for crown and bridge, orthodontics, dental versions, surgical guides, custom rays as well as partial denture in the lab and clinical setting. This accommodates any material from any supplier for utmost flexibility.

The Whip Mix Asiga scopes boast an open material scheme, so resins from 3rd party providers are well-matched for utmost versatility. Not like another dental printer that uses a laser, this one uses a DLP light that leads to fine detail. This printer comes with a small footprint, touchscreen interface. Wi-Fi connectivity and auto-support generation.

Benefits of Whip Max Max 3D Dental Printer

  • Compact desktop solution
  • 385nm wavelength
  • UV-LED projector armed with High Definition chip
  • Constant adjustment of layer thickness
  • It has a light sensor for constant projector performance

BEGO Varseo S

BEGO Varseo S 3D Dental Printer For SaleThis dental 3D printer is very popular due to its stylish and compact design and a bigger structure plate. Network capacity allows fast BEGO service through remote management. The unique cartridge system allows you to change the material easily, nominal material aging and low consumption of material.

Essential Features of BEGO Varseo S

This dental 3D printer has 3D printing system made by dental labs for dental labs. The coordinated range of an in-house made a dental printer, scientifically tested material, flashlight device, software tools as well as services signifies a fast, simple and cost-effective production of the wide selection of dental restoration in your lab with unrivaled precision and complete flexibility.

Benefits of BEGO Varseo S

  • Variability: Expandable and wide range of components and indications
  • Easy to Use Display: Fast and easy to learn display for easy and fast access to essential functions.
  • Efficiency: About 30 percent bigger building plate, which is bigger than another dental printer available, allows constant printing of more objects. It is also armed with an exceptional cartridge which allows you to change the material fast.
  • Network Capability: Improved connectivity allows fast service through remote control.

This dental 3D printer is committed to various dental applications like Temporal Crowns and Bridges, Drill Guides, Bases, Models, Invisible aligners and Bite Splint.

The BEGO Varseo S can work with diverse materials like:

  • VarseoWax CAD/Cast:
  • VarseoWax Model
  • VarseoWax Surgical Guide
  • VarseoWax Tray
  • VarseoWax Splint E
  • VarseoWax Base


These are just the top 3 3D dental printing dentist available today. Each one is integrated with state of the art features to make dental printing precise and easier for you.

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I'm responsible for achieving or exceeding sales and service goals mainly in dental practices and dental labs in an assigned territory, through the successful selling and promoting of Ayu Dental products, solutions, and services to both existing and potential new clients within the framework of organizational policies and directives.

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