The right technology makes all the difference for a dentistry practitioner. BIOLASE has been the pioneer in innovative laser dental care. BIOLASE Laser design and innovation always make the patients have a less stress-free experience when they visit the dentist.

With no noise and vibration, the BIOLASE ALL-TISSUE DENTAL LASERS, BIOLASE 3D INTRAORAL SCANNER, BIOLASE SOFT-TISSUE DENTAL LASERS would not only make the procedure faster but less stressful and more beneficial for your patients. Biolase dental laser treatments are also precise, and short recovery time has made them more prevalent in a fast-paced life.

Here are a few facts about dental care and hygiene. 80 % of the population have some of the other gum diseases. 78 % of the population would have a dental cavity by 17. On average, the dentist recommends that a person spend only 45 to 70 seconds brushing compared to at least 2 minutes. This causes more bacterial build-up, leading to major diseases in human beings.

Introducing the Biolase Laser

Biolase is the manufacturer of the most used tissue lasers in the world. The BIOLASE dental laser is known due to the excellent services of dental practices. BIOLASE Laser has received tonnes of awards and maintains to be the leading dental laser in the world. The water laser through different comes with a variety of similarities.

One of the features similar to all water lasers is the Eyemask. Also, all the water lasers are continually sterilized to ensure a continuous flow of processes, reducing the time for various processes. The noise in the water lasers is highly concentrated, and minimal vibrations are observed, ensuring a smooth process. Unlike traditional tools,  Biolase technologies are keen on upcoming trends, which will surely add to their platforms and make things better and faster.


The low cost of our products has made a majority highly prefer us. Our newest package, waterlase, comes with highly reduced prices. Biolase is highly portable, excellent in appearance, and effective.

Through our website, you can easily be in a position to get price quotes and hence plan on your budget and have a better bargaining power of different products on the website for the laser technology.


Biolase has been there for a long time and has had a lot of experimentation over the years. That is why we have been able to bag many awards for providing better technology for dentists, patients, and other related staff.

The latest Water Express uses HD to provide more explicit images to help with careful diagonalization. The built-in cameras can make 360-degree rounds and animate where necessary to make the process less painful.

The best thing about our technology is that we have levels for beginners and those rising to the expert levels. Step by step, a new user will be able to learn and rise above the levels. Our package includes a series of online tutorials that guide you on using various features and move you step by step until you become an expert in using our systems.

In case of emergencies, our tools can control a variety of functions.

Control Bleeding:- Biolase dental laser helps control bleeding by reducing the stress levels in the teeth. They also help the dentist by providing the tools to beat such occurrences in real-time.

Tissues: Waterlaser technologies also greatly help trim soft tissues and prevent harmful damage to the teeth.

Drilling: Waterlaser technologies also help make accurate drilling, helping you even amass more customers due to excellent service. Drilling is also far more accessible and faster with our water laser technologies.

Our technologies aim to improve clinical experiences for patients, dentists, and other related staff.

Is Your Dentist Using Biolase Laser?

Currently, BIOLASE technology is among the best and enables better experiences. Hence, if your doctor does not use BIOLASE technology, you should advise him to start using it since dental processes will become easier and faster.

More than tools like waterlase express sense things like tooth decay and eradicate them on time.


One of the unique factors about BIOLASE technologies is that we also offer extended warranties in some cases. Our products have warranties; however, they are on different scales depending on your warranty.

More patients would need fast, less traumatic, and safer treatments.


As Patch Adams would say, “The most radical act anyone can commit is to be happy.” We at Biolase believe that no treatment should be stressful or traumatic. Hence, the vision of innovating for customers is better than any other. Biolase lasers have changed how dentistry is practiced globally, making laser dentistry the standard of care by developing and delivering high-value clinical solutions to dentistry.

We deliver high-quality, best-in-class laser-based solutions to the most attractive market segments. This is not what we claim, but we are being recognized year after year for our contribution to advancing global health care. The continuous innovation has led to our new product. These all have helped us with our goal of providing dental treatment with less fear, pain, and anxiety. We support dentists in elevating the treatment standard and improving patients’ experience.

BIOLASE stands out as one of the best must-haves for dentists, from highly skilled technicians to incredible technology.

A dental check-up should be done regularly. The problem is that most people are scared to visit the dentist due to the painful procedure that takes so much time. Biolase ensures the process is shorter and takes as little time as possible.

How the Biolase Laser Helps Dentists Improved Care

Easy & Learn to Use

A new user does not need to be scared since our devices are easy to use. Moreover, our devices come with an online tutorial that guides users on using various packages on the system.

Our course units are divided into packages. We have beginner packages that will help you get to the advanced stages and be an expert user of our BIOLASE systems. The main issue is to ensure that appropriate procedures are followed. Biolase systems are currently the best in the world, and having them will make your dentists better users of the system.

One of the main factors is to ensure

The Fast Way to Grow Your Dental Practice

Biolase dental practices enable one to be a better and more accurate dentist. They have advanced HD features to help you accurately observe and treat the teeth’ structures.

Better treatment means happier customers; some of the quality features that will bring out satisfied customers include:-

  • All the teeth around remain unaffected by the operation
  • Filling of the  teeth is faster and more accurate
  • Bleeding of the teeth is highly reduced.
  • Dentist visits from then on will be highly reduced.

Biolase Laser

The latest innovation from Biolase is its laser technology. Presently, the Biolase laser has two sections in laser technology.


Both have been critically appreciated by dentists, patients, and technology experts worldwide.

  • To begin with, state-of-the-art laser treatment helps provide precise care with improved outcomes and shorter recovery times for our patients.
  • The Biolase WaterLase Tissue Dental Laser helps you with quick work that you can use to perform numerous procedures quickly, which your clients mostly prefer due to a busy schedule.
  • Laser treatment helps to reduce side effects, numbness, and bleeding after performing a dental procedure.
  • Precision is the best part of laser treatment. This leads to less damage to the other teeth and gums and improves the patient’s oral health.
  • The Biolase WaterLase Tissue Dental Laser facilitates you to offer a gentle yet less invasive treatment that makes it less stressful for your patients. The patients are no longer scared or traumatized by the sound and vibrations of your orthodox machines.
  • With the laser, you will offer a wide range of procedures, meaning the patients are more likely to return to you, and you do not need to refer them to any other doctor.

How easy is it to learn the usage of Biolase laser

Biolase believes that a dentist must receive regular training and be updated with the latest advancements in oral care like any other medical practitioner. WCLI was formed considering the requirements and benefits of a dental practitioner.

Online Waterlase Physics & Safety Training (OPST) is designed for new Laser owners or users. It provides the fundamentals of the certification course. Learn the basics of lasers and safety. Being online helps you learn all these at your own pace. Once you have completed the same, you should opt for more advanced training.

The Fast Way to Grow Your Dental Practice

Laser dentistry is quickly becoming an efficient method for multiple dental procedures. The laser gives more precision than conventional procedures to treat a particular focal point without damaging the surrounding tissue.

If you are an efficient and effective dentist and ready for new treatment methods, a laser is a thing for you since it helps you seek extreme comfort and safety while doing any procedure. It is estimated that 6% of dental practitioners use a laser for soft-tissue applications. However, this number is expected to increase over time.

Generic dental practitioners face a revenue loss every time patients require soft-tissue treatment. This is because these patients are referred to a specialist, meaning a loss of revenue. Not anymore! The Biolase laser technology delivers consistently suture-free, blood-free, and anesthesia-free dentistry—this is the best blend every dentist looks up to create a mark in the market.

A dentist can reduce the procedure time for any treatment by avoiding the anesthesia and waiting for them to become numb. This minimizes the chair time for the patient and also increases treatment time. Reduced chair time helps treat the patient with multiple procedures at once. This leaves a better impact on the patient experience. The dentist can complete the procedures with minimized bleeding, post-op discomfort, and a quick healing timeline. This also reduces the prep time needed. So, you save time and make money—the more time you save, the more patients you can accommodate and give them better treatment.

Laser treatments are less noisy and vibrate less than the orthodox procedures, which are noisy vibrating. The noise and vibrations cause anxiety for patients.

Just imagine the time you need to spend with the patient to make them comfortable with your planned procedure. However, it has been found that the patients are more comfortable with laser treatment, and less noise and vibrations have helped ease the patients and help them have a happier experience.

Benefits of using Biolase laser

Biolase has a range of products for both SOFT-TISSUE DENTAL LASERS and ALL-TISSUE DENTAL LASERS. Biolase lasers are the bestselling diode laser technology available in the market. Biolase lasers have been preset on the model. It comes with disposable tips. It also comes with additional attachments that help you with other services, as a Laser whitening wand helps in the broader treatment.

Few treatments for which lasers are more effective than conventional products are procedures performed using soft tissue dental lasers. The no-stitch technique gives more confidence to patients who are scared of needles. In addition, specific procedures do not require anesthesia, cutting the risk of anesthesia and comforting the patients. Lasers also help in minimizing bleeding.

Laser treatments have more significant results in wounds healing faster and tissue regeneration. Laser technology tools also help treat gum tissues, view teeth, and see inside gums and teeth in real time. Lasers are utilized for the suture-free and painless elimination of benign tumors from the lips, cheek sides, palate, and gums. In addition, low-intensity dental lasers decrease cold sores with pain. Lasers are also used to whiten teeth.

Nerve Regeneration: Photobiomodulation can regenerate scars, blood vessels, and damaged nerves.

  • Non-surgical treatment for gum diseases.
  • Bacterial reduction before cleaning for patients with heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.
  • Cold sore pain and healing treatment
  • Alleviating pain from canker sores and ulcers
  • Post-orthodontic gum tissue healing.

In addition to the award-winning range of products, we have dedicated customer support for post-purchase support and service.
The Biolase laser allows the treatment to customize its use; dentists can personalize treatment using one device to address multiple needs.

Biolase has dedicated Customer Support committed to providing the highest quality support. The support team has a team of field engineers, a house support team, and a network of peers and educators. In addition, Biolase maintains a library of articles and user manuals to help you with any questions and demos needed at any time, making it the best self-help library.

biolase laser for sale

Biolase Laser Products Review

Waterlase Express: BIOLASE’s fifth-generation Waterlase Express all-tissue laser system has easy-to-use preset features; the controls are managed by user-friendly control in a tablet-based interface.

This makes the usage of WaterLase Express simple and easy for the new laser dentist user. This also helps in quick learning. The Waterlase Express offers a simplified and expansive library of more than 80 clinical procedures. The procedures are all in HD quality. This would help the dentist with proper laser techniques for better treatment. BIOLASE Connect system is an additional offering for Waterlase Express.

This helps owners to link with support resources and video tutorials for easy maintenance of Waterlase Express. It works as the best countertop unit with the finest footprint for an all-tissue laser. A durable travel case and optional carts are accessible.


1. Waterlase Express ($15,999.00)

Waterless Express

BIOLASE’s fifth-generation Waterlase Express all-tissue laser system has easy-to-use preset features, and the controls are managed by user-friendly control in a tablet-based interface.

This makes the usage of WaterLase Express simple and easy for the new laser dentist user. This also helps in quick learning. The Waterlase Express offers a simplified and expansive library of more than 80 clinical procedures. The procedures are all in HD quality; this would help the dentist with proper laser techniques for better treatment. BIOLASE Connect system is an additional offering for Waterlase Express; this allows owners to link with support resources and video tutorials to maintain Waterlase Express easily. It works as the best countertop unit with the finest footprint for an all-tissue laser. A durable travel case and optional carts are accessible.

The Waterlase Express enables the dentist or professional to offer multiple services quickly. Waterlase Express is the only tool built to help the dentist go through a step-by-step procedure using HD tools to ensure accuracy.

The waterlase express is also highly portable. It also contains a higher precision and is highly flexible to the user. The waterlase express is equipment for all tissue dental lasers and performs activities like removing soft and decayed tissues. The note is that waterlase expression occurs in various colors depending on one’s favorite choice.

2. Waterlase iPlus ($9,999.00)

waterlase iplus

The Biolase WaterLase iPlus is the most trusted all-tissue laser worldwide. The laser is also used to treat bone, soft, and hard tissue, giving the dentist excellent results and a better return on investment. In addition, the laser has apps to assist in periodontitis and peri-implantitis. It has a very easy-to-use graphic user interface; WaterLase design is patented and provides an exceptional, exceedingly precise, and minimally invasive dental procedure.

It is an excellent experience for the patients. Users have even termed it as a game-changer for them. They even have said that it takes dentistry to a new height. Waterlase iPlus is also accessible in eleven colors and unique themed collection finishes. So, no matter your practice décor, a Waterlase iPlus version complements your operatory agreeably.

The waterlase iPlus has a high-resolution screen that enables one to observe the dental cavity and make appropriate adjustments. The waterlase iplus has a repair mode that allows the dentist to make accurate observations. Waterlase iplus enables one to observe the highest levels of tooth decay and its extent. What is more, it can make 360-degree turns and make accurate observations.

It also comes with wheels at the bottom and is easily movable from one point to another. The best thing about waterlase Iplus is that many dental professionals can use it. It can also be used for kids or pediatric dentistry.

Waterlase iPlus has been used in over 15000 dentist stations worldwide, so the system is stable.



1. Biolase Epic Pro ($7,500.00)

Biolase Epic Pro

BIOLASE’s Epic Pro is the latest add-on to the iconic family of dental soft-tissue lasers. It features innovative techniques like super pulse technology for more exact, improved laser-tissue cutting; real-time automated power control to improve speed and consistency when performing surgery; and disposable, bendable, pre-initiated tips with new brilliant tip expertise with specific quality and top performance.

Depending on your clinical needs, Epic Pro uses new durable tip technology, available in uninitiated and pre-initiated formats. Epic Pro tips work hand in hand with the laser’s Smart Tip technology to prompt you when a fresh tip is needed.

Epic Pro is one of the most effective dental lasers. It primarily uses temperature to measure the laser tip progress at every step. Epic Pro has a very easy-to-use interface and a high level of performance. It’s optimized to help treat even the worst of dental surgeries.

Epic Pro series also enables you to arrange various presets and help them achieve a range of effects; it also helps you as a doctor place for customizations. It’s the only equipment that currently has automatic control.

2. Biolase Epic X ($3,200.00)

Biolase Epic X

EPIC X Diode Laser also has a few unique features and innovations. They can be summed up as pre-initiated instructions, laser-assisted whitening, and momentary minor pain relief; all can be done using one Diode Laser solution. EPIC X also offers the fastest in-office whitening procedure one can ever get, with a drastic change in the shade of your teeth in just 20 minutes. Moreover, EPIC X is highly recommended for temporary relief of slight pains, including pain associated with TMJ or other Temporomandibular disorders.

Biolase always offers infinite support for all dental problems. Doctors even personalize their own Epic X to comfort patients with anxiety with the new and varied options in different colors and designs. In addition, epic X is durable, water-resistant, stain-resistant, and scratch-resistant, which is perfect to match the new-age office environment or the cham. The younger patients find this ambiance to be more approached well.

The range of colors for Epix X keeps on increasing every day. The Epic X series has a variety of quick surgical capabilities. It is a must-have for every dentist since it reduces the time for dental procedures. In fact, within 20 minutes, you can be in a position to whiten teeth for one patient.

3. Biolase Epic 10 ($1,800.00)


The most notable feature is the wireless footswitch technology. It also comes in a variety of colors. Since it was recently produced, it has not received clearance in some countries, so it’s good to ask your local distributor. However, Epic X is highly accepted in a majority of countries.

The foot technology in Epic 10 is on another level. With slight variations, a dentist can get optimal results. The best thing about Epic 10 is that it currently has the most updated technology in the series and has the best performance since it is an improved version of the BIOLASE dental laser.

The EPIC 10 has three distinguishing features.

Pain relief:-  After procedures are done, Epic 10 helps inject pain relievers and aids in other activities that help in relieving pain.

Surgery: For minor surgeries in your dental cavity, Epic 10 has all the tools a dentist or a hygienist needs to make proper surgeries effective and ensure you do not return.

Cleaning your teeth: Epic 10 also helps to remove spots on your teeth to make them look brighter and whitish. This is a highly sought-after service that can be achieved by Epic 10 in minutes.

Any therapy you wish to offer, you have EPIC versatility available at the touch of a finger using a fully redesigned, one-of-a-kind touchscreen interface.

4. Biolase iLase ($1,400.00)

biolase iLase

iLase dental laser is a revolutionary step, and it has taken the dental laser to an entirely new level where foot pedals, power cords, or external cords are not required. The iLase ergonomic all-in-one laser weighs only 3.5 ounces. However, it can deliver a total of 5 watts of peak power. Its other capabilities and facilities are found only in expensive and high-power lasers.

iLase has a handpiece right at the doctor’s fingertip and is super easy to use. iLase is ideal for soft tissues and hygiene issues since it provides an unrestricted laser. iLase is famous and recommended for intuitive operations because it has an exclusive wraparound finger switch. This switch can be shifted from one position to another with the least effort, and iLase is also known for more comfort and work efficiency.

iLase can perform up to 25 comprehensive sets of soft-tissue and hygiene procedures. However, using the power and pulse mode, which comes factory-installed, is recommended since it provides 10 of the most common soft tissue procedures.

The dentist says Biolase iLase is excellent for revealing implants, exposing abutments, and working on all kinds of metallic restoration that need a gingivectomy for therapeutic purposes. Compared to electrosurgery, they find lasers better and safer around implants; they can be used around implants since the technology helps to ensure the implant and bone will not be harmed. Small footprint, portability, and backup battery are definite positives for this system.

The dentist says Lasers have helped them with less preparation time before any procedure. They have started using less anesthetic, and even though they use less anesthetic, it has become less stressful for them to treat kids. They have started using the laser for more procedures than expected.

Doctors have also agreed that after using a laser, they have found that the phobic patient is at ease, and they get confidence in the treatment they provide. They have even stated that they plan to have a Biolase laser in all the places they practice. Few even say, “The days I’m without it are hard on me!”

It is one of the few laser technologies compressed to fit in a pocket. It has no power chords that will keep dragging as the dentists move around the rooms. However, its functioning is not limited in any way.

There are different packages for professionals for ilase. There are different packages for the hygienist and also other different packages for dentists and other practitioners.

ilase technology enables one to have convenient research. The ilase tool is hand-controlled, and you can get all your functions intact by moving your fingers appropriately. The ilase is battery-enabled. However, this does not limit its performance in any way. Even at its peak, it can still function properly with battery power.

The best thing about Ilase is that it is cheap and can be afforded by most dentists and health specialists.

The Future of Dental Lasers

With the growing popularity of laser dentistry, dental procedures can be performed more efficiently. The results can be seen faster, too. Many medical procedures have utilized laser technology in the past decades. Eventually, the percentage of dental practitioners using laser technology will increase by several manifolds.

Laser techniques can do everything from removing tartar to dental cleaning, root canal treatment procedures, and more.

Ayu Dental, a Supplier of Biolase dental laser technologies, is always online 24/7 to ensure you get timely help.

Our customer care attendance specializes in four main fields. You can find us on social media platforms anytime you look for us. Moreover, we also take field trips and physically come and watch your device if any problem arises.

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Dr. Santone is passionate about creating beautiful and natural smiles for her patients while providing a relaxed and comfortable dental experience from their first dental visit.

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