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Biolase Epic Pro is your first advanced-grade diode laser in dentistry which provides more power and innovation than any diode available on the market. Epic Pro monitors and measures the temperature of the laser idea for results with every use.

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A Complete Guide of Epic Pro

The latest addition to the Epic family used in tissue lasers soft teeth. Biolase Epic Pro has several innovations that are first in the industry:

  1. A new super pulse technology for a more precise and improved laser tissue cutting.
  2. Automatic power control in real time to improve speed and consistency.
  3. When performing surgery with pre-programmed tip temperature.
  4. Disposable tips, pre-initiated, flexible with new intelligent tip technology.
  5. Guarantee the reliable performance and quality.

Epic Pro: The Only Laser With Automatic Power Control:

In fact, Biolase Epic Pro is the only laser approved by the FDA with Automatic Power Control, an exclusive innovation of BIOLASE that allows the operator to look with confidence and speed.

In the meantime you can read the technical document “Reinventing Soft Tissue Therapy with Diode Laser Using Science and Technology” (PDF)

Unique Features Of The Epic Pro:

  • Improved clinical applications
  • Greater precision and comfort
  • Epic Pro recommend more correctness and convenience than customary diodes owing to novelty such as, which can elevate energy in just a few millionths of a second, resulting in a resourceful clinical cut with less thermal damage than laser lasers. .
  • Epic Pro – Intelligent tip technology
  • Unparalleled cutting speed and control
  • Higher Accuracy and Safety
  • Super Thermal Pulse – BIOLASE Exclusive

Technical Characteristics And Specifications Of Epic Pro:

Total Dimension: 7.25 inches (Width) x 4.5 inches (Length) x 6.5 inches (Height) that is 18.4cm x 11.4 cm x 16.5 cm.

Total Weight: Epic Pro Laser weights only 4lbs that is just 1.8kg.

Operating Voltage: The device used volts in between 100V-240V at 1.2 A/0.5A.

Epic Pro Laser Frequency: Works within the frequency between 50-60 Hz.

Controls: The main controlling feature is from power switch with other remote interlock buttons. In addition, also composed of the emergency stop button.

Epic Pro Laser Classification: The technical laser classification is Class IV (4).

Measured Wavelength: The healthcare Epic Pro Laser is supportive with a wavelength of 940 ± 20nm.

Measured NOHD: Is 4.77 meters and comes with standard fiber cable of 1.8 meters in length.


Introducing Smart Tip ™ Technology:


Biolase Epic Pro uses a new robust technology, accessible in formats not underway and pre initiated according to your medical requirements. Epic Pro tips work hand in hand with the Smart Tip technology of the laser to alert you when a new tip is needed.

It is BIOLASE‘s first innovative premium diode laser that allows dental professionals to manage soft tissue in a way that no laser has achieved before. New Super Pulse technology, automatic power control, and highlighted tips. Pre-initiated with smart technology to provide a cutting speed never before achieved, consistency, safety, and precision.

The innovation of the epic family of lasers offers the following characteristics to professionals and their patients:



Useful Advantages For Patients:

  • Less fear and anxiety
  • Faster and more efficient visits
  • Quick recovery
  • Minimal or no post-operative pain

Valuable Benefits For Healthcare Professionals:

  • Better patient reports
  • Predictable results
  • Increased clinical accuracy and control
  • Faster, cleaner and subtler than traditional lasers
  • Cutting speed and control never before achieved
  • Incomparable consistency and predictable!

Super Thermal Pulse: Exclusive To Biolase:

Biolase Epic Pro Laser, in particular, is a unique mode of treatment allows laser energy to be emitted with bursts of energy in micro-pulses, resulting in a highly efficient and safe cut.

Pro Pre-started Tips With Smart Technology: Exclusive To Biolase:

The tips of the Biolase Epic Pro are the first tip that the material that starts casts in quartz material from the tip. At the same time, it provides robust and extended performance. The Epic Pro’s new tips also include smart technology that gives a tip an integrity indicator to ensure that the cut is fast, efficient, consistent and accurate at all times.

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