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AMD Lasers Picasso Clario Dental Diode Laser

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Picasso Clario is a diode laser designed specifically for use by dental hygienists in perform dental hygiene procedures in the oral environment with 5 presets for the most common hygiene procedures.

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Picasso Clario is aimed for implementation by dental hygienists, with a streamlined and concise navigation system for relevant treatments.

AMD Lasers designed the Picasso Clario specifically for the dental hygienist as a low-cost, portable, easy-to-use laser with dedicated, preset settings to make dental hygiene for patients seamless. It brings a new standard of laser-assisted periodontal procedures into the daily hygiene patient schedule, AMD Lasers said, immediately increasing a practice’s productivity and profitability. According to the company, using a simple, preset navigation system, the touchscreen selections are labeled gingivitis, perio, tissue, and debridement, guiding standard settings associated with a patient’s clinical diagnosis.

Dentists use The Picasso Clario to treat issues like gingivitis and periodontal disease. The settings made in it meet with the ADHA-conforming protocols regarding pocket depth and diagnosis. It offers affordable, minimally invasive laser-assisted periodontal procedures.

We offer the AMD Picasso Clario laser as part of our standard hygiene process for a truly thorough clean. These lasers reduce bacteria around the teeth and gums to help keep your mouth clean and disease-free in a difficult way to achieve with more traditional cleaning methods.

We believe that using laser technology to reduce bacteria results in improved hygiene, a deeper clean, and above all, a better experience for you, our patient. After one of our treatments, we are confident that you will feel the same.

Picasso Clario Feature & Benefits

  • 1.2 Watts
  • Wireless Bluetooth Foot Control
  • Color Touch Screen
  • Easy to Use Presets
  • Built-In Treatment Timers for Periodontal Treatment and Aphthous Ulcer Treatment
  • Multiple Languages Menu
  • Ideal for First-Time/Expert Laser Dental Assistant and Hygienists
  • Offers the Convenience of Disposable Tips & Low-Cost Strippable Fiber


  • Gingivectomy
  • Gingivoplasty
  • Hemostasis and coagulation
  • Treatment of canker sores, herpetic and aphthous ulcers of the oral mucosa
  • Sulcular debridement
  • Laser removal of diseased, infected, inflamed, and necrosed soft tissue within the periodontal pocket
  • Removal of highly inflamed edematous tissue affected by bacteria penetration of the pocket lining and junctional epithelium


  • Picasso Clario® Hygiene Laser
  • Wireless Foot Control
  • Universal Power Supply
  • One Transportation Box
  • One Multi-Tip Handpiece
  • Two Pair of Protective Fitover Laser Goggles
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Operating Instruction Manual (English)

Be sure to check with your local and state dental boards for any guidance and regulations on laser use by Hygienists.

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