Planmeca FIT CAD/CAM System

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Planmeca FIT solution offers dentists a completely integrated and digital workflow with three simple steps — ultra-fast intraoral scanning, sophisticated design, and high-precision chairside milling.

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Planmeca FIT offers dentists with a completely integrated and workflow with three simple steps — sophisticated design, scanning, and chairside milling. All this is incorporated into Planmeca Romexis software, therefore all 2D and 3D patient data are accessed through the exact same user interface. For both X-ray imaging and CAD/CAM work, 1 software suite is used for the first time. Planmeca FIT chairside CAD/CAM system is the complete package of PlanScan, Laptop with PlanCad romexis design software and Romexis and PlanMill 40

Planmeca FIT enhanced components include the increased speed of this Planmeca Emerald scanner, the next iteration of PlanCAD 6.0 Design Center Software and the precision of the PlanMill 40 S.

Focusing on a full-system approach, the Planmeca FIT allegedly will adapt to a clinic’s schedule, demands and expectations and is the best match for the busy lifestyle. It is reportedly the chairside remedy to help create a dental clinic.



Planmeca FIT comprises three important components: the PlanScan scanner to correctly scan intraorally, PlanCAD applications for Gently designing the restorations and PlanMill 40 to precisely mill out the recovery in-office. With this system, dental professionals can achieve restorations that patients appreciate all in the exact same moment.


We’ve received many positive responses and therefore are extremely excited to see its own powerful impact in the marketplace as we continue to create solutions to better the individual and user experience with our merchandise.”


Planmeca FIT is everything you need for a completely digital workflow to deliver much better hygiene. With the system that comprises laptop with Romexis and PlanCAD design software compatibility, the Planmeca PlanScan scanner, and the PlanMill 40, patient therapy preparation has never been so easy. Incorporate CAD/CAM into your workflow to procedure impressions that are exact, and then work to get an accurate working environment together with your labs.

Planmeca CAD/CAM’s Networking Solutions:

• One database enables all networked servers to immediately access all of scan and design data
ƒ • Dimcom documents from most systems may be flashed to Romexis applications
ƒ • Romexis open STL file format allows for integration with almost any system
ƒ • Files can be securely stored online and easily shared with external partners and labs using Romexis’ cloud service
ƒ • Compatibility inside the 3D module enables integration of 3D scans with digital scans

One Visit Dental Crowns

The Planmeca FIT first requires a digital image of the teeth utilizing blue laser technology, which allows it to capture the finest details with an unmatched amount of speed and precision. The impression is then transferred to the PlanCAD software and a custom-made crown is then made from the exact measurements of the tooth. Once the design is done, the crown is going to be made in-office with accuracy using the Planmeca PlanMill 40. The crown is carefully fastened into place for a natural look and texture, and patients can leave our workplace that same day, smiling.

The advantage with Romexis software

planmeca-fit-romexisAll steps of this Planmeca FIT workflow are easily controlled and accessed via the Planmeca Romexis program platform. All treatment data is available on all workstations, and the flexible licensing model of the software permits scanning, grinding and designing to take place concurrently. This guarantees ultimate efficiency in all treatment periods.


For dental work performed in practice, the Planmeca Romexis Clinic Management program module provides remote real-time info about the Planmeca PlanMill 40 milling device’s standing, enabling clinics to locate resources and track continuing grinding procedures.


Planmeca FIT has been assembled around one software platform, making it a streamlined and integrated approach to hygiene. It assists clinics to utilize their resources to the fullest and treat more patients in a shorter period. Patients can be treated without temporary tiles or dental versions.


Planmeca FIT CAD/CAM System Benefit:

• Ultra-lightweight for unparalleled comfort (9.1 ounces)
• Superior accuracy 
• Single-handed, two-button operation scanner controls
• Quadrant or full-arch scanning 
• No click, send or subscription fees 
• USB-3 portable plug-and-play connectivity 
• Active Filtering 
• Dynamic and bilateral buccal bite 
• Live-scanning image capture 
• Contralateral mirroring 
• Gyroscopic orientation and positioning
• Case backup 
• 5-year total care warranty 
• Open STL files for easy collaboration 
• High speed
• 6-axis dual-spindle for more refined, polished restorations with greater detail
• Automated tool changer 
• Expanded milling blocks