SOREDEX DIGORA Optime Digital Imaging Plate System

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DIGORA Optime comes with Unique, effortless, end-to-end hygienic workflow and Long-lasting, scratch resistant imaging plates.

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SOREDEX DIGORA Optime introduced a clear, full-color graphical user interface which supports easy workflow.


The machine continues to provide speed and automation, such as plate dimensions detection and erasing. It now features operation reducing the number of measures in the imaging procedure. Not needing to touch the system contributes to good hygiene.


SOREDEX DIGORA Optime imaging plate system there never needs to move the re-usable imaging plate during the imaging process. The Opticlean hygiene theory protected patent applications by several patents and registered designs.


With minimum training required, your staff will experience the benefits of reliable, rapid imaging scanning. Long wireless imaging discs are designed to cater to all ages and anatomies. The plates erase and ready for re-use.


SOREDEX DIGORA Optime Included with the device is one packet (6) of size two plates.  This scanner type is DXR-50 000-03. It includes software the manual, some picture plates, wires, power supply, and other substances.


-High-quality images display in just seconds
-Processing speed is not dependent on image resolution
-Easy: Easy to install, instantly ready for use
-Only clever design
-Efficient: Quick processing times, pictures exhibited and available for diagnosis in seconds
-Intuitive, easy to learn and use
-Fully automatic and optimized image processing
-Exposure helper –attribute guides for correct exposure settings


SOREDEX DIGORA Optime Brochure