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Sirona Cerec MC XL and Sirona AC Blue Cam  is a dental restoration product which allows a dentist to create an indirect porcelain dental restoration using many different computers assisted technologies, including 3D photography and CAD-CAM

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Higher Level of Quality, Precision, and Speed

Cerec MC XL is the fast wet milling and the grinding unit which has many manufacturing options for your dental lab. You can switch to milling in just a few measures from grinding and benefit from precision and speed. The selection of several uses and materials offer you production choices that are flexible and efficient. After the seven evaluators asked on the fit of the final restorations that milled, 71% ranked it as excellent.


CEREC MC XL Practice Lab can reach restorations, customized implant abutments, such as bridge frameworks, attachments, telescopes, bars, and surgical guides. Accommodates block dimensions up to 85 mm.

Along with surgical manuals, and inlays, onlays, veneers, crowns, bridges, abutments, you can mill or grind all clinic lab signs with the CEREC MC XL Premium Package. You will be able to use all CAD/CAM materials (vinyl, ceramic, and metal). Benefit from comfortable four milling motors, the discretionary”extra-fine” grinding, along with a user-friendly touchscreen.

Improving productivity and efficiency.

Cerec MC XL mills a standard, precisely restoration in just 4 to 12 minutes, roughly twice as fast as the current CEREC milling unit. MC XL enhances the amount of accuracy and precision of CEREC, producing restorations that satisfy even the most crucial requirements of dentists. Physicians who need the exact restoration possible will especially appreciate MC XL’s nice tolerances. The milling unit has an intuitive screen, a milling that is a large door for easy accessibility into the milling chamber and blocks positioning. Compared to the system empowers these capabilities should result in higher efficiency and endurance for dentists.


CEREC AC is the system to enable laboratory-generated restorations and equally milling –both with speed and accuracy. In January of 2009, Sirona introduced its CEREC AC (acquisition center), another evolution in CAD/CAM dentistry. Created for precision CEREC AC is the first method to enable transmission and chairside recovery milling of digital impressions to the laboratory.

CEREC AC is built on Sirona’s proprietary CEREC Bluecam technology and its capture system operates quickly and economically so entire quadrants could be scanned in 40 seconds. CEREC AC will replace the present acquisition unit with immediate effect.


CEREC AC attributes applications captures detail and provides a uniform field of lighting. Send an electronic model to the lab for production or a dentist may opt to produce the restoration chairside using a CEREC milling unit When the picture has been acquired by the CEREC AC.

The Benefits of the milling unit CEREC MC XL Premium Package:

  • Complete practice and exercise lab spectrum up to 85 Millimeter block size
  • Grinding/milling of all CEREC & CEREC premium signs and materials
  • Precise and fast
  • Comfort with four motors and user-friendly touch display
  • New: CEREC Guide 2 drilling templates
  • Optional “extra nice” loops potential


In just a couple seconds you can scan enamel surfaces with CEREC Bluecam’s aid. This camera offers outstanding accuracy and efficiency acceptable for single-tooth restorations.


Sirona AC Blue Cam camera provides proven reliability, quick single image acquisition, shake-free pictures, and an outstanding depth-of-field.  The Cerec MC XL is effective at grinding drilling guides and inlays, onlays, crowns, veneers, bridges, abutments. The MC XL can precisely grind a crown in approximately 11 minutes out


CEREC is a dental restoration product which allows a dentist to create an indirect porcelain dental restoration using many different computers assisted technologies, including 3D photography and CAD-CAM. With CEREC, teeth may be restored in a single sitting with the individual, as opposed to the multiple sittings involved with methods. Furthermore, with the hardware and software upgrades, crowns, veneers, onlays, and inlays may be ready, using different types of material.


Restoration Types:
-Partial Crowns
-Full Crowns
-Provisional Bridges


Materials Available:
-VITABlocs Mark II, Esthetic Line, and TriLuxe
-multiblock IPS Empress CAD LT
-IPS e.max CAD (Lithium Disilicate)
-Paradigm C (Leucite Reinforced Ceramic)
-Paradigm MZ100 (Composite)


Average Milling Time
-MC XL: 4 – 10 minutes
-Compact Milling Unit: 8 – 15 minutes

Sirona Cerec MC XL and Sirona AC Blue Cam Package Includes:

  • Sirona Cerec MC XL
  • Cerec AC Bluecam
  • Windows 7 Professional. Version 4.2. Installed memory (RAM) 4GB.
  • milling burs, screwdriver, filter inserts.
  • Kalibrierset 3D, Cerec Optispray, Camera supports, Assorted E.Max HT, Lt, and Vitablocs Esthetic line included


Sirona AC Blue Cam Manual

Sirona Cerec MC XL Manual