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Biolase iLase is the world’s first personal laser for both dentists and hygienists for executing a complete range of minimally invasive hygiene and removal procedures.

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A Guide About iLase Laser


The right laser technology can allow you to redefine what it means to be or go to the dentist. It will enable you to perform more procedures in a single appointment, with minimally invasive procedures which mean more stress-free moments for patients and their staff — introducing iLase, the most comfortable, portable and easy-to-use laser that is ready to change your practice today.

In fact, Biolase ilase is a unique indicator in use for soft tissue surgeries and hygiene. This diode works without any power cord or pedals that can get in your way. At least, fits perfectly in your pocket or your tray.


Description Of iLase Laser:


Biolase iLase laser is a diode laser, especially for gums; and the iplus incorporates a pulse laser that has a synthetic crystal in its resonance cavity. These characteristics allow greater absorption of the laser by the water contained in biological tissues, including enamel and dentine. The absorption of the water produces with this laser is ten times greater than that of an ordinary laser, which helps dentin caries to get easily eliminated and sterilized, since the microorganisms that cause the disease.

It produces the cut by combining the wavelength of the laser with water spray. This technology called hydrokinetics, cuts, engraves as well as smoothes any human tissue with precision and smoothness, without transferring any heat to the target tissue.

Things You Must Know About iLase Laser:


The First Personal Laser: It is the first diode laser that presents in a ball-point format and without the need of activated pedal. Due to its characteristics, it is the first “personal” laser for dentists and hygienists in the world. A single independent handpiece, without external connections, activates with your finger through an intuitive control system, offers up to 5 watts of power in a pulsed mode as well as up to 3 watts in continuous mode.

Versatility With Just One Touch: The key to the intuitive operation of iLase is its exclusive digital switch. Much more than a simple button, the switch, one inch long, is located in the handpiece and turns on with slight pressure at any point of its circumference. The possibility of turning on the switch from different positions allows maximum comfort and to be able to work efficiently in the procedures performed in the anterior or posterior part of the mouth.

Technical Specifications And Features Of iLase Laser:


  1. It gives and wavelength of 940nm.
  2. Comes with a laser engine feature within GasP Semiconductor diode.
  3. Even the fiber tip diameter ranges from 200/300/400 µm.
  4. iLase Laser composes of the advanced touchscreen, with a measurable dimension of 3.5inches x 4 inches x 8.9 inches.
  5. The health care device comes with an easy user interface with integrated controls, and also the finder switches.
  6. The total size of the iLase laser is 8.1″x0.75″, 20.5×1.9 cm.
  7. The measurable weight of iLase Laser estimated as 0.22lbs that is 0.10kg.

Characteristics Of The iLase:


  • iLase is the first personal laser.
  • The iLase offers all the power and control of a diode laser – in the palm of your hand.
  • Without foot pedal, power cord or external controls, the iLase takes dental lasers past portable, and it must be the new go-to instrument for your tray.
  • The iLase is the laser for every dentist and every hygienist (where allowed), every day.
  • Available in various equipment configurations for dentists, hygienists, and specialists.



  • 1 x iLase Unit
  • 40 x Eztip Surgical 4mm
  • 2 x Charger Battery
  • 2 x Safety Goggles
  • 3 x Diode Goggles
  • 2 x Danger Sign
  • 2 x Tip Initiation Kit
  • 2 x Power Supply
  • 3 x Cover Grips

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