3Shape D2000 3D Scanner

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3Shape D2000 pushes the success with brings a touch of sophistication to dental laboratories.

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3Shape D2000 allows you to multiply the productivity of your lab using scanner technology which captures multiple scan lines in a single shot.


3Shape D2000 is an all-in-one scanner. Together with the new blue LED technology that is multi-line, it provides two plates that are scan. This combination allows users to scan working dies, models and antagonists in 1 scanning measure. The scanner is particularly suited.


3Shape D2000 3D ScannerThe 3Shape D2000 dental lab scanner fuses striking industrial design, disruptive technologies, and simplicity of its ease of use. Industry-first like the power to scan upper and lower dental units just two models at once technology is cutting on workflow times. In a market where rate and production quantity matter, the D2000 pushes the success. Inspired by Scandinavian design, the 3Shape D2000 brings a touch of sophistication to dental laboratories. Its tinted-glass doorway opens with the tap of the finger and gently glides up for easy accessibility and enhanced ergonomics.


The D2000 merges technology breakthroughs and sophistication, cool design to make practitioners’ days simpler and more effective.



  • 4 x 5.0 megapixels, blue LED – Multi Line
  • Scanaccuracy: 5 µm (ISO)
  • Scan time – full jaw: 25 sec.

Extent of delivery inclusive

  • High-Performance-PC incl. Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard
  • 1 x Scanner calibration object
  • 3 x Scanner interface plates
  • 1 x Scan Fix putty
  • 1 x Occlusal transfer calibration object

CAD software package

  • Dental Designer – Premium
  • Dental Manager & Dental Manager Inbox
  • TRIOS® Inbox