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PerioLase MVP-7 Nd:YAG Dental Laser

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PerioLase MVP-7 is the first and only digital laser that is FDA-approved and the latest generation of gum disease treatment technology.

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PerioLase MVP-7 is the first and only digital laser that is FDA approved to treat periodontal specifically (gum) disease. This tremendous technological advance allows us to establish a nearly bacteria-free and disease-free zone between the teeth and gums. Laser energy stimulates healing and the regeneration of new bone and attached tissue. Reversing the damage caused by the bacterial pathogens that destroy the support around the teeth.

If you want to maintain great oral health, you should visit us regularly for cleanings and checkups. This might seem like a bit of a bother, especially if you find yourself with little free time. However, the reality of the situation is that it is important to keep your teeth healthy and strong and catch any potential issues as early as possible. To do that, you should pay us visits at least once every six months. At Excellent Dental Specialists, we have the experience and tools necessary to help you attain great oral health. One of the newest and most exciting tools we have is the Periolase MVP-7.

The Periolase MVP-7 is the 7th and the latest generation of gum disease treatment technology. The 6-watt running variable pulsed Nd: YAG dental laser is upgraded with digital technology to pinpoint controlled laser energy delivery. 7 pulsed durations – the most of any dental laser – allows this machine the most robust and complete treatment repertoire.


More Exclusive PerioLase Features

  • FDA 510(k) clearance for all soft tissue procedures.
  • FDA 510(k) exclusive clearance for LANAP protocol.
  • Defaults pre-calibrated for LANAP protocol.
  • User presets for other useful laser protocols.
  • Precise power delivery is able to be calibrated at the fiber termination.
  • Compact size with small floor footprint.
  • Easily wheeled between treatment rooms or operatories.
  • Ergonomic, lightweight, and easy-to-clean autoclavable handpieces.
  • Simple computerized touchpad control.
  • On-board computerized self-diagnostics.
  • No special power requirements, just plug into any 120-volt AC outlet.
  • A broad range of fiber diameters for maximum versatility.
  • Robust, durable metal construction.
  • Powerful, variable, red diode laser aiming beam.
  • Mandatory comprehensive hands-on clinical training.

Is LANAP Laser Gum Surgery the Safest Gum Disease Treatment?

Laser gum surgery allows patients to experience all of the benefits of gum disease treatment without any of the downsides of traditional treatment, such as cutting and sutures in the gums. The tissue will no longer be traumatized by invasive surgical procedures, which means less pain and faster recovery. LANAP® utilizes the PerioLase® MVP-7™ and is the only FDA-cleared laser protocol. Laser gum surgery is completely safe and effective as a treatment for gum disease. Laser gum surgery is the only gum disease treatment that has been proven to aid in bone regeneration.

The laser gum surgery procedure is performed over the course of two sessions, each lasting approximately two hours. The gum disease treatment is minimally invasive, and under normal circumstances, our patients return to work the next day without the need for additional pain management. The impact of laser gum surgery on our patient’s comfort and lifestyle is far less than traditional surgical methods.

What Does The Periolase MVP-7 Do?

Simply put, the Periolase MVP-7 makes life easier for us. The laser helps ensure that the precision of dental surgical procedures is as accurate as possible without placing undue strain on your dentist’s hands or wrists. It helps improve the surgical experience for both patients and doctors alike. It also helps to promote healing, which is an important aspect that should not be overlooked.

Benefits of the Periolase MVP-7

  • Treatment is accomplished without scalpels or sutures.
  • Laser Periodontal Therapy only takes two 2-hour appointments with two follow-up appointments.
  • Less discomfort during and after the procedure results in less time lost from work.
  • Generally, patients feel good enough to go back to work the same day.
  • Laser Periodontal Therapy is safe for patients with diabetes, HIV, hemophilia, or Coumadin therapy.
  • Periodontal disease increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Management of periodontal disease reduces these risks.

Ease of Use

According to MDT, PerioLase is versatile and easy to use. When the 9 dentists who participated in the evaluation of PerioLase were asked to rate its ease of use, 6 rated it as excellent, 2 rated it as very good, and 1 rated it as well. One evaluator said the laser is ‘extremely easy to use compared to other [lasers].’ Another evaluator described the laser as having a ‘very simple menu-driven design.’

Size and Weight
When asked about the importance of size and weight when purchasing a laser, 2 rated them as 

Cost and Cost-Effectiveness

The PerioLase costs about $1374.00 per month to lease. According to MDT, one-half of one patient per month covers the monthly lease payment, with the other half of treatment as profit.
When the evaluators were asked to rate the cost and cost-effectiveness of PerioLase, 5 rated it as excellent, 3 rated it as very good, and 1 rated it as well. ‘Cost’always too much,’ said 1 evaluator. However, he went on to say, ‘Effectiveness’absolutely wonderful. I’m a periodontist, and this has been my primary treatment for periodontitis for the past 8 years with great success.’ Another evaluator said, ‘I paid for my laser in 1-1/2 months of use.’

Maintenance Requirements

The evaluators rated the maintenance requirements associated with PerioLase. Six rated the laser as excellent, 1 rated it as very good, and 2 rated it as well. One evaluator explained that he has 2 PerioLase models, ‘the original purchased 8+ years ago, never serviced yet. The newer model bought 4 years ago also never needed service yet.’ Another evaluator said that he returned his unit for routine service after 2 years and the manufacturer ‘supplied me with a loaner while my unit was being serviced.’


Laser Pocket Disinfection

LPD kills bacteria and disrupts biofilm to reduce inflammation. Use when isolated pocketing is present to decrease pocket depths without curettage. Ideal for patients with gingivitis as
an introduction to the benefits of laser dentistry.

Patient Benefits:

  • Quick and painless procedure to help maintain healthy gums and avoid progression of the disease
  • Removes the inflammation so your body can heal naturally without antibiotics
  • Safe for medically compromised patients, patients on blood thinners, and diabetic patients


Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) or biostimulation can be used for many applications within dentistry, in particular, to reduce the pain associated with orthodontics or temporomandibular disorder (TMJ). The use of laser energy as therapy can both stimulate and suppress biological processes.

Biostimulation provides unique healing serenely and comfortably.

* Procedure not cleared by the FDA.

Patient Benefits:

  • Relieves pain associated with TMJ
  • Stimulates the body’s own healing process by increasing blood flow to the affected area
  • Helps relax muscles and block inflammation

Aphthous Ulcers

Aphthous ulcers are painful yet generally disappear without treatment in 10-14 days. Ulcers aren’t infectious and tend to recur less with age. The cause is not known, but related factors include injury, changes in hormone levels, lack of iron,
food allergies, stress, and certain medications.

Patient Benefits:

  • Eliminates pain associated with the aphthous ulcer
  • Increases patient convenience by avoiding having to reschedule appointments because of pain from the site
  • For huge ulcers, treatment can speed the healing process

Herpetic Lesion (Viral Therapy)

Herpetic lesions can occur in three different forms: recurrent small blisters on the lips, a generalized oral infection, or small ulcers on the palatal mucosa. The most common form is small blisters on the lips, which can be treated with low-level laser therapy. Outbreaks may be triggered by sunlight, physical trauma, stress, and other irritants. Lesions will usually resolve in 10-14 days but may be painful.

Patient Benefits:

  • Safe, quick, and comfortable treatment that relieves pain
  • Immediate relief
  • Lesions can be treated before a breakout if patients feel an ‘onset.’
  • Laser treatment can help reduce the number of cold sores and the severity of future outbreaks.
  • For particular large ulcers, treatment can speed the healing process
  • No anesthesia needed


Dental sensitivity affects more than 40% of adults worldwide and more than 40 million people in the United States. [1] Exposed dental tubules are believed to be the predominant cause, with sensitivity to heat and cold the most common complaint. Laser therapy can help close tubules and reduce sensitivity.

Patient Benefits:

  • Relieves discomfort of sensitive teeth
  • It can be performed before or after restorative treatments to increase patient comfort


  • Laser Type Class IV; TruePulse™ Free Running (FR) Pulsed Nd:YAG laser
  • Treatment Laser 1.064µ (micron) wavelength
  • Regulatory Clearance FDA 510(k), legally marketed device in the U.S.A.
  • Energy Per Pulse 20-300 mJ
  • 7 MVP Durations 100 µsec to 650 µsec (100, 150, 250, 350, 450, 550, 650)
  • Pulses per Second 10 to 100 Hertz (PPS)
  • Aiming Beam CW 635 nm, 5 mW Red Diode with adjustable intensity
  • Average Power Variable from 0.2 to 6 Watts depending on pulse rate
  • Delivery System Flexible fiber optic with the TrueFlex™ cannula handpiece
  • Dimensions (w/ cart) 11″ (width) x 16.5″ (depth) x 24.5″ (height)
  • Cooling Internal closed system, water to air
  • Power Requirements 110-120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 10 Amps, Single phase; 200-240 VAC, 50 Hz, 2 Amps
  • Fiber Diameters 320, 360 and 400 micron
  • Laser/Cart Weight 43 lbs. [19.6 Kgs]/38 lbs. [17.2 Kgs]
  • Shipping Weight 50 lbs. [22.5 Kgs]/58 lbs. [26 Kgs]
  • Warranty One year, parts and labor (Extended Warranty available – includes labor & equipment)
  • International Currently cleared for sale in the United States and Canada. Made in the U.S.A.

Training and certification available from Millenium Dental

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