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Biolase Epic X Diode Dental Laser

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Biolase Epic X provides an advanced, highly effective, and gentle experience with regard to oral soft tissue surgery, periodontal treatment, endodontic disinfection as well as laser pain therapy, and laser teeth whitening cut down to 30 minutes with less chance of any sensitivity.

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Biolase Epic X laser suits soft tissue treatment, bacteria reduction, and low-level laser therapy. The laser cuts very efficiently at low power and produces little heat. The epic X laser’s display is convenient to operate and can be used for a wide range of clinical procedures. The compact and ergonomic design makes the epic X flexible to use for the oral care professional.

BIOLASE Epic X Diode Laser Technology designs innovative dental lasers to reduce the complexity and trauma of many common dental procedures.  The drill (aka the ‘handpiece’) strikes fear into the hearts of many with its noise, vibration, and heat.

The Epic X Diode Laser device utilizes hydrokinetic technology to remove hard and soft tissue with laser-powered water droplets.  There is no heat, no vibrations, and noise associated with the Waterlase laser, and it is completely safe.  The FDA deemed the hydrokinetic laser safe for adults and children in 1998.

The BIOLASE Epic X Diode Laser is an extremely versatile piece of dental equipment.  It can be used to perform or expedite many procedures including:

  • Caries removal.
  • Cavity preparation.
  • Dentin and enamel procedures.
  • Gum lifts and reshaping.
  • Removal of decay.
  • Soft tissue procedures.

What benefits does BIOLASE Epic X Diode Laser offer?

Epic X Diode Laser works by combining atomized water and laser energy to remove hard and soft tissue gently.  This precision laser means that in most cases, there is no need for anesthesia.  Additionally, the laser actually sterilizes the surgical area, meaning less risk of bacterial invasions or infections.  The Epic X Diode Laser offers a needleless, painless way to achieve the perfect smile for children and fearful patients.

Here are some reasons why using Epic X Diode Laser is preferable to the traditional dental drill:

  • Adjacent teeth remain unaffected.
  • Faster and stronger bonding of fillings.
  • Less of the healthy tooth is removed.
  • Minimal bleeding during and after procedures.
  • No noise, heat, or unpleasant vibrations.
  • Pinpoint accuracy generates better results.
  • Reduced number of dental visits.
  • Reduced risk of post-surgical infection.

The charm of soft tissue lasers in dentistry ranges from treatment of oral ulcers and gum diseases to removal of tongue ties; depigmentation of gums to smile designing; reduction of gummy smiles, and deep penetrating, far-reaching laser disinfection root canals and perio pockets. This laser seals blood vessels to achieve hemostasis, seals lymphatic vessels, and decreases post-surgical swelling – to name a few…

How are Epic X Diode Laser procedures performed?

Though each Epic X Diode Laser procedure differs in detail, some elements remain constant.  First, protective eyewear will be provided to protect the eyes.  Second, a small Epic X Diode Laser laser will project streams of atomized water to cut into the hard or soft tissue.  The laser sterilizes as it moves, which means that in the case of soft tissue augmentation, the whole procedure can be completed in a single visit.

The Epic X Diode Laser laser increases comfort levels, reduces anxiety, and reduces cost.  In addition, it is one of the least invasive, most effective tools that dentists have at their fingertips.  Epic X Diode Laser can significantly improve the health of the teeth and restore the beauty of the smile.

Surgery, Whitening & Pain Relief

All at Your Fingertips

  • Portable for easy transport (no more cords)
  • Intuitive procedure based Interface
  • Fastest in-office whitening treatment
  • ComfortPulse™ technology to limit heat production
  • TMJ and pain relief – Exclusive to Epic X
  • Pre-initiated tips for maximum performance with minimum chair time – Exclusive to Epic X
  • Peace of mind, knowing you’re covered with a replacement Epic X within 48 hours whilst yours undergoes service – Exclusive to Epic X.

Popular Epic X Clinical Indications:

  • Gingivectomy
  • Frenectomy
  • Operculectomy
  • Depigmentation
  • Excision for Biopsy
  • Cold Sores, Aphthous Ulcers, Haemangioma
  • Implant Exposure
  • Crown Lengthening
  • Troughing
  • Endodontic Disinfection
  • Gummy Smile (Lip Repositioning)
  • Orthodontic Tooth Exposure
  • Desensitising
  • Pulpotomy
  • Perio Pockets & Debridement
  • TMJ & Pain Relief
  • Remove Oral Growths ‘Tags’ / papillomas and ‘growths’ / fibromas
  • Dry Sockets
  • Laser Anaesthesia
  • Coagulation (NB Extraction Sites)
  • Teeth Whitening – Faster and virtually pain-free
  • Orthodontics (Tooth Exposure, Relieves bracket pain & Accelerates tooth movement)
  • Biostimulation (Low-Level Laser Therapy for accelerated post-operative healing;  reducing swelling & preventing/reducing infection)

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 5.7 in (W) x 4.4 in (H) x 6.5 in (L) (14.5 cm x 11.2 cm x 16.5 cm)
Operating Voltage 100V – 240V at 1.5A
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Main Control Power Switch
Remote Interruption Remote Interlock
Disable Control Emergency Stop Button
DC Power Supply Module 12V DC, 5A
Laser Classification Class IV (4)
Medium InGaAsP Semi-conductor diode
Wavelength 940nm ± 10nm
Power Modes Continuous, Pulse Modulation
Peak Power 10W
Fiber Tip Diameter 200µm, 300 µm, 400µm
Pulse Duration 0.01ms – 20ms
Pulse Interval 0.01ms – 20ms
Pulse Repetition Rate Up to 20kHz (for reference)
NOHD 4.77 meters
Beam Divergence 8-22 degrees per side angle


  • 1 Handpiece
  • 1 Bleaching handpiece
  • 30 Tips
  • 5 Bleaching Kits
  • Laser console (lithium-ion battery pack already installed)
  • Screen protectors box (Peel-off clear screen cover – qty.30)
  • Delivery System (Fiber Optic Assembly installed)
  • Assorted Surgical tips
  • Surgical Handpiece box (2-pack)
  • Three (3) pairs of protective laser eyewear
  • DC power supply and power cord (one (1) US and one (1) International)
  • Welcome Kit (Welcome Letter, User Manual, BIOLASE store information, Quick Setup Guide, Guide to Online Training & Product Registration Card, Limited Warranty Information)
  • Laser warning sign
  • Tip initiation kit
  • Remote Interlock cable
  • Philips – head screwdriver (for installing Footswitch batteries)
  • Footswitch
  • AAA batteries (2)

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